Child & Baby Reflexology

Reflexology is suitable from 4 weeks old right up to the age of 18. I am qualified to treat children and babies.  In addition to this, I am a trained Baby Reflexology Instructor. This enables me to teach the parent/guardian how to safely treat their child’s symptoms using various reflexology techniques. Watching your child suffer or in pain is heart-breaking. Reflexology gives you the parent the opportunity to help comfort and relieve your child’s discomfort and pain.
Seeing the benefits of reflexology in my own children has been amazing and I am delighted to be able to teach and empower other parents to help their children when they are in discomfort and pain.

With your permission, this treatment consists of 30 minutes of me treating your baby/child and the following 30 minutes will consist of me demonstrating and teaching you specific techniques to use on your baby/child. Each treatment is individualised to the child’s health needs and are very much child led. If your child or baby needs fed, is sleeping or does not feel comfortable with the treatment, I have some model dolls for me to demonstrate and for you the parent to practice on. You will receive notes and some oil to take home with you.

Please note: reflexology cannot replace western medicine. If your baby or child is very unwell, a doctor’s advice should be sought.

Benefits include;
• Helping with anxiety and calming your child’s nervous system
• Relieves colic, reflux and constipation
• Helps with asthma, colds, sinus, teething, sore throats and earache
• Boosts their immune system
• Calming for children with ASD and ADHD
• Helps regulate a good sleep pattern

Cost for a 1 hour treatment €55.00

Child and Baby Reflexology